The Challenger Waste Oil Burner

Challenger Wast Oil Burner 1Heat your shop for FREE.

The Challenger waste oil burner is an easy way to heat your shop nearly for free with your own source of waste oil. Available in a DIY convert your own burner kit, complete burner or complete heating system with furnace or boiler. We have something for every application and budget.
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Challenger Waste Oil Burner Diagram


The Challenger waste oil burner conversion kit includes all parts required and instructions to convert your working Beckett AFG oil burner into a reliable waste oil burner in a days work using basic tools most shops would already have. Our kit is the most complete DIY kit available, leaving nothing for you to have to figure out on your own. It includes all parts right down to fittings and hardware and the constant level tank is designed in a way that will never cause a messy spill.

The Challenger complete waste oil burner is brand new and 100% ready to use out of the box replacement for your current oil burner. We?ve done the assembly work with all new parts and test each unit for those who don?t want to or don?t have time to convert their own burner. Complete burners come with a 1 year warranty.
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Our waste oil burners are compatible with heating systems other than oil heat too. Our burner will work in most wood and coal heating systems. Contact us for more information.

Both complete burners and DIY conversion kits are sold alone and require a supply pump, storage tank, compressed air source and plumbing. All of these items are available from our online store.

Made in the USA

For those that don?t have an existing heating system, we have complete waste oil furnaces and boilers available. Our unit heater furnaces work well in shops, can be hung from the ceiling saving floor space provide reliable hot air heat with a quick installation. Our waste oil boilers use a cast iron construction and provide easy maintenance through a swing open burner door. All complete systems include a furnace or boiler, complete waste oil burner and supply pump.

All Challenger burners must be installed by a qualified technician. Installation must meet all national and local codes.
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Challenger Wast Oil Burner 2Specifications

  • Utilizes waste automotive or cooking oil
  • 125,000 or 195,000 BTU/hr Output.
  • No special filtering of oil required.
  • Low or no yearly maintenance cost required.
  • Unique process of heating oil that avoids nozzle blockage by particles of burnt oil.

What’s required to use our burner…

  • 120 volt ac power
  • Compressed air
  • Fuel tank
  • Electric fuel supply pump

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Challenger Waste oil burner FAQ

1. What do I need to use a Challenger waste oil burner?

Check our typical installation diagram for specific requirements. Typically you need a storage tank, supply pump, air compressor, furnace or boiler(your own or one of ours) 120 vac power and plumbing to supply oil and air.

2. Do I have to filter my waste oil to burn it?

We recommend storing your waste oil, letting it settle by gravity in a storage tank and install pickup at least 6? from bottom of tank. You should have at least two tanks so you can use one as your supply tank after allowing moisture and debris to settle by gravity while filling the other tank with oil as you accumulate it. Adding waste oil to the tank you are using as the supply tank stirs up any moisture and debris each time you dump more waste oil in. This will clog your strainer/filter much quicker. It will also allow moisture into the fuel pickup and cause reliability problems with our burner. Clean oil without moisture is the key to reliable waste oil burner operation.

3. Can I use a Challenger waste oil burner in my home?

A waste oil burner will work almost anywhere a #2 fuel oil burner was used. We recommend using a boiler located outside of the home in a secondary structure(shed, etc) by piping hot water into your home. All waste oil burners must be installed meeting all national and local codes.

4. Why do I need compressed air?

Compressed air is used to transport waste oil to the nozzle inside our burner. It is also required to atomize the waste oil as it exits the nozzle.

5. What size compressor is required?

Our burners require 30psi 2cfm minumum

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6. Will a Challenger waste oil burner work with my furnace/boiler?

Our waste oil burners will work with most existing heating systems that have a combustion chamber. Our burner is a direct replacement for #2 fuel oil burners and can be used in most coal and wood fired units if burner can be mounted to fire into the combustion chamber. You should also check that the depth of the chamber is at least 18? from the mounting flange. If the distance is shorter a refractory target is required. Also a furnace or boiler that has easy to access flue passages during maintenance is more convenient.

7. What types of oil will a Challenger waste oil burner burn?

Waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, #2 fuel oil. Our burner has been tested with engine oil, atf, hydraulic fluid, including synthetic oils.

8. How often is maintenance required?

The condition of the waste oil is a huge factor in maintenance frequency. Clean waste oil without moisture will allow reliable burn for long periods of time. You can expect clean nozzle area a few times throughout the heating season. Waste motor oil produces ash in the combustion chamber when burned. We recommend cleaning chamber and flue passages after 300 hours of use, but varies depending what type of furnace or boiler you are using. Waste vegetable oil does not produce ash and does not require frequent combustion chamber cleanings.

9. How long has Challenger been manufacturing waste oil burners?

Our burners were developed in 2009 and first brought into production is 2013.

10. Can I use the conversion kit on a burner besides a Beckett AFG?

Components are designed to bolt onto the housing of a Beckett AFG, so it is recommended to use this type of burner as a core to convert. Most oil burners operate under the same concepts so our kit will work with modifications on other types of burners.

11. Where can I buy parts?

All parts are available from Challenger. In addition most components are available from any plumbing and heating supply. Our burners were designed this way to make it easy for the owner to buy parts locally in an emergency.

12. What size area will a Challenger waste oil burner heat?

Challenger burners are available in 125,000 and 195,000 btu/hr output and will heat up to a 5000 square foot building with one of our unit heater furnaces. The type of building and insulation greatly affects the amount of heat required. Check with your local installer for specific details.

13. How efficient is a Challenger waste oil burner?

Challenger burners are as efficient as a #2 fuel oil burner provided the chamber and flue passages are clean.

14. Do I have to heat the waste oil?

No, Waste oil must be able to be pumped from supply tank to burner. Our pump has been tested with waste motor oil in temperatures as low as 0? F. Waste vegetable oil turns to gel/solid that cannot be pumped at low temperatures and must be heated or stored inside.

15. The red light on my Genisys Ignition primary is blinking or on solid and burner is not running.

The Genisys ignition primary is the best control for use with our waste oil burner. It has a 15 second lockout to prevent burner from running if it doesn’t fire within this time. It will also prevent the burner from firing if the burner sees light from being pulled out of the combustion chamber or if there is fire in the chamber. After resetting the control as shown in the beckett genisys manual you should cycle the burner power to allow a full preheat of the nozzle before burner firing. A manual explaining the control’s logic can be found in the?GeniSys Product Manual.

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